2 Kenyan Lawmakers Exchange Blows Over A Man

Two Kenyan lawmakers exchanged blows at the cafeteria on Tuesday, over a disagreement allegedly involving a man.

Kenyan Lawmakers

Beef between the two, who were nominated by the ruling Jubilee Party to represent the youth and minority, started outside the precinct of the assembly.

One of their colleagues told The Grapevine that the two have been romantically linked to the same man and got to know about it, leading to the quarrel between them.

Tempers flared when one of the ladies who is said to be the daughter of a former MP stormed the cafeteria baying for the blood of her nominated colleague- who was shouting “ Huyu ni  wazimu (This one is crazy)! She needs help! Please help her seek help! As she fled for safety.

Colleagues who were having lunch dashed out of the cafeteria shouting for help from the assembly security officials.

The two were separated but not before exchanging slaps and kicks.

The fight between the duo attracted the attention of the members of the media that cover events at the Assembly. And it took the intervention of the security men present at the scene before order could be restored.

The assembly leadership is investigating the matter.

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