Mum With 2 Wombs Gives Birth To Twin Babies

A mother had no idea she had two wombs until she discovered she was pregnant with twins with one in each.

2 Wombs

The odds of the phenomenon are 500 million to one, with fewer than 100 examples ever recorded worldwide, and just a handful in Britain.

Most pregnant women with Jennifer Ashwood’s condition, known as a bicornuate uterus, carry one baby on one side.

Jennifer Ashwood gave birth to her twins Poppy and Piran House by c-section just months after discovering she had a rare ‘heart shaped’ uterus.

The 31-year-old said her body has “surprised” her as there was no indication she had two wombs when she gave birth to her first child Millie, now eight.

Doctors told her it was so rare to carry a baby in each one, they didn’t quite know what was going to happen until they opened her up.

Remarkably, she became pregnant with twins when one egg was released into each uterus and they were both successfully fertilised at the same time.

The condition does not cause extra problems with conception, but there is a slightly higher risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

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