Possessive Boyfriend Banned Girlfriend From Talking To Male Friends Unless They Were Gay

A possessive boyfriend banned his teenage girlfriend from talking to male friends over social media- unless they were gay- in a controlling month long romance.

Possessive Boyfriend

Matthew Bailey, 24 stopped care assistant Molly Cunliffe, 19, from using Snapchat.

He would regularly check her phone and wouldn’t let her put kisses at the end of social media posts.

Bailey was so jealous he’d tell her what to wear and demanded she send him pictures or go on Facetime to prove she was at home or even asleep in bed.

He ordered her not to swap Facebook and Instagram messages with heterosexual men, dictating that the only male friends she could contact over social media had to be gay.

Bailey has been jailed over the controlling relationship in which he bullied and belittled his selfie-loving girlfriend over how she used social media.

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