Rapper Project Youngin Reportedly Shot During IG Livestream

Florida rapper Project Youngin was reportedly shot during an Instagram Live session, according to XXL.Project youngin

Though details remain relatively scarce, it would appear that Youngin was live-streaming in his car on Sunday night, previewing  a new song while counting stacks of hundreds.

As the clip winds down, gunfire sounds off, and Youngin leaves the frame; it’s unclear whether he was hit, or simply ducking down. Either way, a chorus of gunfire continues in the background. The video can be seen after the jump, though it might be disturbing to some viewers.

While his condition remains unknown, Youngin’s team took to Twitter to provide an update of sorts. “Thank you everyone for your prayers. We will let you know about Project Youngins condition soon.”

Hopefully we can ascribe to the “no news is good news” philosophy.

It’s sad to see another rapper get shot, and we can only hope that Youngin pulls through.

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