Dad Shocked To Discover His Dead Baby Was A Doll After Girlfriend Faked Pregnancy

A grieving dad found a plastic doll inside his ‘dead baby’s’ coffin after his girlfriend lied about the child’s existence. Melvin Mendoza discovered the newborn baby he was grieving for had never even existed after he and his friends dug up the tiny white coffin.

 Girlfriend Faked Pregnancy

His partner, Rosa Castellanos Diaz, had reportedly spent nine months pretending to be pregnant with twins before ‘giving birth’ to them.

It is reported that her actions were a bizarre attempt to keep her ‘wayward’ partner by her side, although this has not been confirmed.

Last Friday morning, Rosa left her village home and took a bus the Honduras’ capital Tegucigalpa, claiming she was heading for the city’s Escuela Hospital to give birth to her babies.

That night, she reportedly called Melvin, a member of the Honduran Armed Forces, to tell him the sad news that one of the twins had died while being delivered.

As is custom, the grief-stricken father and his relatives put on a wake and awaited the arrival of his partner and the ‘dead child’.

Rosa reportedly arrived at noon the next day, carrying the coffin. However, she told loved ones they could not see the ‘baby’ as the hospital had sealed the box and prohibited her from opening it.

Distressed Melvin then had to be supported by friends as he lowered the coffin into the ground and buried it, according to reports.

However, following the funeral, a number of his friends expressed fears that Rosa had invented the story to convince him not to leave her.

They exhumed the coffin, accompanied by Melvin, to find out the truth.

After discovering the alleged trick, Melvin reportedly decided not to press charges against Rosa.

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