Jennifer Lopez Offers Her Advice To New Mom Cardi B

Jennifer Lopez advice to Cardi B came in the form of no advice at all. She told the interviewer that she thinks that people shouldn’t give any advice to new moms in general.


She elaborated, “When I was pregnant and everybody was like ‘this and that,’ I was like ‘please just stop telling me these things. I kind of wanna figure it out on my own.'”

She makes a good point when she says that everybody has so much advice for people who are becoming parents for the first time. While some of it is useful, some people definitely do want to explore parenting techniques and see what works for them. JLo seems to be one of them.

She continued by saying that she would not give her any advice but that she would see if she was in need of anything. On the “Dinero” set, she made sure that Bardi was comfortable during shooting, continually asking her if she needed water or a break.

Shesays that instead of offering advice, we should pamper new moms. Considering the fact that Cardi has already been teasing new music and is focusing on getting her body back, we would say Cardi is doing just fine.

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