If You Have Half Sibilings, Your Mom Is A H*e ~ Amber Rose

Amber Rose is gearing up for her annual Slut Walk and she’s getting a few things off her chest.

Amber Rose

She informed her 17.9 million Instagram followers that their mothers aren’t as innocent as they may think. In an attempt to normalize word’s such as ‘hoe’, slut, and ‘faggot’ she’s telling anyone that will listen it doesn’t matter how many partners you have slept with—or does it?

In a post that she eventually deleted, Slut Walk Ambassador Amber Rose says she has slept with anywhere between 4 and 100,092,837,663 men in her life—and that’s her business.  The talk show host stated that it simply doesn’t matter and if you are not a virgin you are someone’s sloppy seconds.  She asked her Instagram followers:
“Do you have half brothers or sisters from your mom? Do you have a stepdad? Has your mom had sex with anyone after being with your dad or before him? Do you ever think of the act it took for your mother to get pregnant with you? Yup! She’s a “hoe” too!
Many critics slammed Amber’s attempt to change the way society views strippers, dancers, LGBT and promiscuous women. At the same time, women have come out in droves every year in support of her Slut Walk.
While women empowerment is at an all-time high, is it possible for women to express themselves sexually without being judged?
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