8-Year-Old Boy Dies After Consuming ‘Cereal’ Which Turned Out To Be Crystal Meth

An 8-year-old boy has died after reportedly ingesting more than 180 times the lethal dose of crystal meth after mistaking it for breakfast cereal.

Crystal meth

Curtis Collman III allegedly mistook his father’s stash of drugs for cereal after finding it on a plate and, according to a toxicology report, consumed enough to easily kill a grown man.

The incident took place in Jackson, Indiana, on June 21 and led to the arrest of the boy’s father, Curtis Collman II. He was later charged with neglect of a dependent causing death, as well as firearms and theft charges. He also had other charges outstanding relating to his alleged failure to register as a sex offender.

Credit: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
The young boy’s 41-year-old father did not immediately call for the emergency services once he realised what had happened to his son. He called over a friend when he noticed that his son was ill.

Upon that friend’s arrival, he reportedly said, “I’m not going back to jail” and then threatened to kill himself, his son, and the friend using his gun. He then transported his son, who was by that time experiencing convulsions and seizures, to his parents’ house.

The boy’s grandparents then called for the emergency services, but it was too late to save Curtis Jr.

Jackson Police Detective Tom Barker said: “Anybody that is a parent, you know, would be emotionally upset. It kind of hits home if you have kids,

“An eight-year-old child more than likely suffered for many hours. It upsets you,”

It has been reported that Collman II recently requested that his bail bond be reduced in order for him to spend more time at home with his parents whilst he is awaiting trial.

If he is found guilty, he will be looking at a sentence of between 20 and 40 years in prison. The trial will begin later this year on December 4.

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