Demi Lovato Checks Into Rehab

Demi Lovato has admitted herself to a rehab facility following her hospitalization. The singer has been receiving medical care due to a drug overdose that could have been deadly.


After being qualified as too ill to consider rehab last week, Lovato is finally out of the hospital and entering a new phase in her recovery.

It is reported that the celebrity is staying at a rehabilitation facility for an extended period of time, which usually means a minimum of 30 days. No specifications concerning the location has been released.

Her recovery also entails her separation from people who might have had a bad influence on the star. This includes the obvious party people in her entourage, the “yes men” who bend to her whims, and even distant relatives.

Demi is said to have changed her phone number to ensure privacy and prevent those particular individuals from accessing her directly. Only people who are deemed trustworthy by her team will be given the new digits.

Yesterday, Demi Lovato made a public statement concerning her journey.

She thanked her fans for their show of support and the hospital staff for their care. She assured her following that her mind is set on her recovery.

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