PL: Paul Pogba Appointed Manchester United’s Captain By Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho appointed World Cup winner Paul Pogba as his captain for his sides’ Premier League opener against Leicester City.


The Portuguese manager was pointedly critical of his star player following the World Cup, essentially challenging him to replicate his World Cup form at the club level.

Luckily the highly competitive midfielder took his criticism the way it was intended.

Mourinho isn’t a ball-buster per se, but he isn’t going to baby his players if he sees room for improvement. A lot of coaches forget that player development is part of the job description, but not Mou.

All his actions have bottom line implications, anything less than silverware from year-to-year, he considers a failure.

Fittingly, Paul Pogba’s first ever goal in the EPL came against Leicester during the 2016 Season and he just put one past Leicester City in the on going match. Just a few days ago FC Barcelona offered Man United more than € 100 million to pry him away from Old Trafford.

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