Reddit To Introduce Chat Rooms For Every Subreddit On The Site

Reddit has taken a monumental step in their development. The big idea is to enhance user interaction by adding to the interface.


Not long ago, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet” updated their look, a change that was met with skepticism, but soon after regular adjusted and even grew to appreciate the cosmetic enhancement.

Now it seems, Reddit is ready to unveil a chat feature available to all “verified” subreddit communities on the site.

The wholesale change will come into effect within a few weeks. Chat rooms are already available to about 30% of the site’s users, but the goal is to make it universal.

Users unwilling to wait for the full rollout, have the option to opt in by clicking on a suggested link at the bottom of the page. Once a user is admitted to private club on the app, the chat option will appear on the sidebar.

Red’s moderators began testing the new features with select member of the vast Web community a few months ago. These moderators will retain their site privileges, and will be given free dominion to ban bothersome users, and delete chat histories at will.

You might be asking: why is Reddit taking these measures? Well it appears Reddit are trying to undercut the amount of Redditors that leave the site daily to engage in chat discussion on Discord, an application designed for live discussion.

“Many communities use other chat tools outside of Reddit today, this one will give mods a simple method for creating rooms already integrated with their subreddits,” admitted Reddit officials in an FAQ posted this week.

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