11-Year-Old Boy Hacks Government Website And Changes Election Results

An 11-year-old boy changed voting results by hacking into an exact replica of Florida’s state election website in just 10 minutes, during this year’s DEF CON, an annual hacker convention.

Boy Hacks Government Website

The competition saw 39 kids, age 6 to 17, compete against one another to see who could hack into replica election systems of six swing states across the US.

Thirty-five of the 39 kids completed the “exploit” and “tampered with vote tallies, party names, [and] candidate names” within 30 minutes, according to DEF CON.

11-year-old Emmett Brewster was able to hack it inside 10 minutes.

Emmett was one of about 50 children between the ages of 8 and 16 who took part in a kid-specific workshop at this year’s hacker conference. According to Quartz, the kids were able to manipulate various things on the mock websites, including vote counts, candidate names, and party names.

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