Demi Lovato’s Alleged Drug Dealer Bursted With $10k, Loaded Gun & Narcotics

According to TMZLovato’s drug dealer was bursted (Arrested) prior to his involvement in her overdose.


Brandon Johnson, the alleged drug dealer, reportedly told his friends that he and Lovato were romantically involved, but other sources have shot down his claims.

He refuses to admit that he sold Lovato drugs. Johnson was arrested back in March in North Hollywood after cops pulled him over and found $10k, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun, and drugs in his possession.

After he was arrested, police searched his home and found more guns, ammo, and drugs.

He was also arrested in June for a DUI and possession of cocaine. The D.A. has yet to charge him for the March arrest.

Lovato spent two weeks in the hospital before entering a rehabilitation facility. Her path to recovery is being guided by experts, and she is surrounded by her family.

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