XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Begs Judge To Let Him Out Of Jail

One of the suspects involved in XXXTentacion Murder, Robert Allen, is begging the judge to allow him to post bail and be released from prison until the trial begins.

XXXTentacion Murder

According to documents TMZ obtained, Robert Allen has asked the judge to allow him to be released from prison on bail.

He claimed that there’s no proof that indicates that he actually committed a crime. Allen also said that he wanted to be released in order to care for his pregnant fiancée.

If he’s released from prison, Allen promised that he will go back to working are for a lawn care business in Broward County, FL. Allen lived in Broward County for his whole life with his mother.

Allen was the third suspect apprehended by police in their search for the men involved with XXXTENTACION’s murder.

He was arrested in Georgia after U.S. Marshals tracked him down at his sister’s place in Eastman, GA. Allen was originally wanted by authorities as a person of interest after he was spotted on surveillance footage outside of the motorcycle dealership where X was shortly before his untimely death.

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