Police Officer Films Himself Having Sex In His Office Using His Bodycam

An Arizona police officer has been fired after he was caught filming himself on his body camera having sex with a woman in his office and storing porn on his computer in a folder labeled ‘fun times’.

Arizona police

Superior Police sergeant Anthony Doran was kicked off the force in April after the sex video and 36 gigabytes of porn was discovered on a flash drive on his office computer.

The sordid offence only came to light after he was accused of beating and falsely arresting a man in 2016. Civilian Richard Manriquez filed a complaint, claiming several officers beat him up at his home in 2016. He submitted a picture of his battered face. This led to an investigation and when Doran’s office was searched, investigators found his sex tape and 36 gigabytes worth of sex pics, all stored on his work computer. One of the images found on his computer is that of a naked little girl.

Doran told local media that his x-rated collection has “nothing to do with work” and said he was not on duty when he filmed himself.

The video shows Doran sitting at his desk wearing just his uniform shirt as a naked woman sat on his lap. The video lasted for four minutes and was dated April 2017.

A report on the investigation states: “Anthony is sitting in an office chair and straddling him is a naked adult female (who is not a police employee).”

The officer worked in Superior, Arizona in the United States. He claims he lived in the police station, in a room opposite his office.

Records show that Doran was previously terminated in 2013 from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office for sexual misconduct. He was then later hired by Superior in Arizona.

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