Travis Scott To Executive Produce The NBA 2K19 Soundtrack

Travis Scott has announced that he will be the executive producer for the NBA 2k19 soundtrack.2k19

We all know that LeBron James is fresh coming to Los Angeles as he leads the team to a victory with him being on the cover for the NBA game.

The “SICKOMODE” rapper announces the news on his Instagram by posting a video about it. In the video, it answers the questions from James on how he feels producing the soundtrack

“It’s an honor. It’s dope,” Scott says as his Astroworld song “Stargazing” plays in the background. “I always like a chance to be able to like, curate music.

2K is a game people live their lifestyle too.” Scott has always been a fan of the game and always looks the part. The track selections are of course the hit singles of his recent album, Bruno Mars and Cardi B, Migos, SheckWes, Lil’ Flip, Brockhampton and many more.

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