Toddlers Survive in Wrecked Car For Days After Crash Kills Mother

Two toddlers aged one and three have survived for two days in the wreckage of a car after a crash killed their mother in Arkansas.


Officers said the incident was “nothing short of a miracle” after the two boys were able to survive the elements.

Police discovered what had happened after the older boy was found wandering alone along the road.

When police posted a picture of him online to find out who his parents were, they learned his mother had not been seen for days.

When officers returned to where the boy was found, they discovered the wrecked car in a deep ravine not visible from the road.

The car had crashed down a deep ravine
They found the body of the boy’s mother who had been ejected from the car, and then discovered the boy’s little brother awake and alert, still strapped in his car seat.

Investigators believe the wreck happened two days earlier and that the older boy was able to climb out of the wreckage.

The toddlers’ survival is even more remarkable given the heat over the weekend, when high temperatures reached well into the 90s, Detective Nathan Greeley said.
“Today is anything but short of a miracle,” he said.

“The three-year-old and one-year-old being able to survive in the elements… it’s nothing short of a miracle, God’s blessing, that these children were able to survive this accident.”

The younger boy was taken to Arkansas children’s hospital to be treated for dehydration, but his condition isn’t life-threatening, authorities said.

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