I Will Never Come Back To The Game ~ Kobe Bryant

Despite all of Kobe Bryant’s off-court success, rumors continue to swirl regarding a potential return to basketball, whether it be with the Los Angeles Lakers or in Ice Cube’s Big3 League.


His camp has shut down those rumors at every turn, but the Black Mamba finally set the record straight for himself during a sit down with Rich Eisen.

When asked about the possibility of coming out of retirement, Kobe gave a definitive answer that should put an end to the speculation.

“There’s about a zero percent chance I come back and play,” Bryant told Eisen after a hearty laugh.

“I will never come back to the game. Ever. I am here to show people that we can do much more than that.”

That said, he shouldn’t expect Ice Cube to give up on his pursuit that easy. The Big3 co-founder has said, “he’s going to have to get a restraining order on me to leave him alone about this.”

Check out Bryant’s comments from his discussion with Rich Eisen.


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