Lady Fakes Being Pregnant To Register Her PVC After 4 Days Of Trying

A Nigerian lady, Grace Ehi Isabella Onuh has revealed how she outsmart her way to get her permanent voter’s card (PVC).

fake pregnancy

The lady who had been trying to register her PVC for four days all to no avail, disguised as a pregnant woman to achieve her aim.

The trick obviously worked for her after she revealed she got registered within hours at the INEC office.

Excited by her move, she posted video and photos revealing the fake pregnancy and wrote:

“I’ve been to the INEC PVC center for the past 4 days and I wasn’t attended to, truth is it is not just me but millions of Nigerians go through the same.

I had to disguise as a pregnant woman and in less than 10hours I got my PVC. Which way #naija ???
Ensure you do anything you can to get your PVC and vote in the right candidate in the year 2019″

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