Katy Perry Puts An End To Rumors That Dr. Luke Raped Her

Four years ago, Kesha sued Luke for sexual assault and battery. She claimed that Luke raped her, mentally abused her, and drugged her throughout their working relationship.

Katy perry

During the long and somewhat convoluted trail of allegations, Kesha reportedly spread false statements about Luke raping Katy Perry.

Luke’s legal team argued that Kesha was trying to spread stories to help make her case look more believable, and also help her get out of her record contract.

Now, a sealed deposition of Katy Perry has been released that shows the “Dark Horse” singer admits she was never raped.

According to Varietythe deposition was only partly unsealed. The media site reports that the questioning went as follows:

“Did Dr. Luke ever rape you?” –Attorney 

“No,” – Perry

“Did Dr. Luke ever sexually assault you?” – A

“Absolutely not.” – P

“Did he ever give you a roofie?” – A

“No.” – P

“Did you have a sexual relationship with Dr. Luke at all?”  – A

“No.” – P

“A romantic relationship?”  – A

“No.” – P

The lawsuit also claims that Kesha sent a text message to Lady Gaga in which she told the “Poker Face” singer that Luke had raped Perry.

A deposition of Gaga was also partially unsealed,  and she claims that John Janick, the CEO and chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, was the one who she heard the story from.

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