6IX9INE Allegedly Blackmailed By Woman Claiming To be Underage

It all began when Trippie Redd uploaded a snapshot of a young woman in bed with 6IX9INE with a caption that read, “She 15. Don’t kill the messenger. GET THE STRAP.”


It was a post and delete moment, but the screenshots live forever. DJ Akademiks would soon get the jump on it and deliver a brief report on the situation after allegedly speaking with 6IX9INE.

“I just spoke to #tekashi69 who is the rapper from the last post,” says Akademiks. “Apparently according to him the chick is clout chasing after she asked for money to go bail out her boyfriend. And apparently after they didn’t do what she wanted she is claiming he smashed her underage.”

In screenshots of the messages exchanged between 6IX9INE and the woman in question, the story does line up with the woman getting particularly agitated that 6IX9INE does not remember who she is. However, contrary to Trippie’s own report, she tells Tekashi that she is 17 in an attempt to jog his memory of their encounter.

In their messages she tells Tekashi that her boyfriend was arrested and that she needs money to go and bail him out, sending through screenshots of plane ticket itineraries. According to the screenshots, the young lady was in South Carolina at the time where the legal age of consent is actually 16.

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