Woman Faces Charges Of Murder After Googling “How To Kill A Human With No Proof” Before Killing Her Children

An Alaska woman has been charged with the murders of her two children after investigators stumbled upon her incriminating internet search history.


Stephany LaFountain, 23, searched for “ways to suffocate”, “ways to kill a human with no proof” and “how to commit the perfect murder” only an hour before she called 911 to report her 13-month-old baby was unresponsive, according to local police.

The baby died four days later on November 24, 2017, Fox News reports.

When LaFountain’s four-month-old died in 2015, there was no suspicion LaFountain was to blame.
“As detectives reviewed the 2015 case, they found similarities to the 2017 case which broadened their investigative scope,” police said.

Autopsies showed both children were “entirely healthy” prior to LaFountain’s alleged actions, the Anchorage Daily News reports, and both showed signs of being suffocated.

LaFountain faces two charges each of first- and
second-degree murder.

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