Did Drake Really Have Sex With Kim Kardashian?

Nick Cannon was on Complex’s Everyday Struggle to share info on a few hot topics. The conversation became quite lively when the subject of Drake’s diss with Pusha T came up.

Nick Cannon

The first angle they hit was Drake’s essential forfeiture of the game by failing to release a response to The Story Of Adidon. Cannon was rooting for a continued battle and said that its halt was “was whack.”

When DJ Akademiks cut him off to declare, “I think Drake smashed Kim K, no cap,” the show’s co-host asked that the conversation stays on topic.

Nick Cannon, however, jumps right back into agreement with Akademiks: “That ain’t that far off of a concept!”

He continues on the same lines of DJ Akademiks speculation.

“There’s something really personal Drake holds over that whole family, that’s like, ‘y’all don’t want me to let this out.'”

DJ Akademiks cuts through once more, questioning Kanye West’s involvement in the battle.


Ye had apparently called upon J Prince to convince Drake to pull out of the fight and succeeded to that end. Akademiks wonders: “Who does Kanye think about in a world besides himself?” Nick Cannon rides the wave: “I was thinking that same sh*t.”

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