Nicki Minaj Reveals How Many Times She Loves To Have Sex At Night

Nicki Minaj was really candid when she discussed her bedroom antics, specifically the importance of her own pleasure in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Nicki Minaj sex

After rapping about wanting to have sex three times a night in her new song ‘Barbie Dreams’, Minaj, reveals her bedroom antics and demands. According to the rapper, she demands sex three times a night with no cuddling after the deed is done.

“If you have someone that you don’t see on a regular basis, it’s not like if you’re living with the person and you see them every night. But if you see them once or twice a week, then three times a night. When I see you, three times a night. And if you can’t hang, goodbye. I’m not wasting my time.”

When it comes to timing, Minaj reveals that she does not like waiting for more than half an hour between “each thing.” She also said that she is not a big fan of cuddling.

“I hate cuddling after. Once I get mine, if I feel really really great, then leave me alone!” she continues. “Go make some food or a sandwich or something.”

Nicki also revealed she is not exactly a foreplay kind of person either, “Definitely get to it. Do your foreplay stuff, do what you have to do and hurry up,” she says. “I ain’t got time for all of that.”

Watch the interview below:

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