Rapper Lil Xan Pays For Medical Bills Of Fan Who Overdosed

Lil Xan has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in the last few days.

Lil Xan

Actually, for much of this year, the artist has been under constant media scrutiny for his controversial Tupac interview and several other questionable decisions.

Yesterday, he claimed his girlfriend, Noah Cyrus, was cheating on him before proceeding to urinate on his platinum plaque for “Betrayed.” Now that Noah has told her side of the story, Diego decided to remind everybody that he’s not as bad as they think.

The “Heartbreak Soldier” came across a fan’s post asking for donations as their friend had been hospitalized after a drug overdose. The man, Noah Harris, is currently in a coma with brain damage according to the post.

Considering his past struggles with substance abuse, Lil Xan appears to have been deeply touched by the message Noah’s friend told and he decided to empty out his bank account to help pay for the man’s hospital bills. On the post itself, Diego wrote, “I’ll donate all the money,” which equals approximately $10K as written on the GoFundMe page.

Xan made sure the people organizing the donations were aware of his intentions, reposting the campaign to his own Instagram account and doubling down, “@noah_harrisisawesome let me donate all the
money please.”

After a year of piling L’s up, this is a good look for Lil Xan. Hopefully, he stays true to his promise as it would be great to see him switch up his public image for the better.

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