Cop Kills Man In His Home Thinking He Was In Her Apartment

Another unarmed Black man has died at the hands of a police officer. This time, the cop in question was a neighbor.


A Dallas cop walked into his apartment and prompted an altercation resulting in the death of Botham Shem Jean, a 26-year-old man.

She entered his apartment on Thursday night around 10 pm after her work shift while wearing her full uniform. After she shot Jean, she called dispatch for further assistance.

The victim was brought to a nearby hospital where medical professionals attempted to revive his body. He was then pronounced dead.

For some reason, the officer who remains unnamed thought that Jean was in her apartment. She has been placed on administrative leave following the murderous incident.

Details surrounding the event are still unclear. Many are wondering just how close to Jean the officer’s actual apartment is situated.

The similarities between both homes are also being put into question. Did they have the same taste in decor to the justify the officer’s thinking that she was in fact in the right apartment? The way in which the officer entered the apartment has yet to be revealed as well.

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