Bryson Tiller Set To Release New Music This Week

Bryson Tiller had been taking a break from the music scene to concentrate more on himself, after being in a “dark place” and dealing with depression following the release of his first two projects. “I was in a dark dark place after Trapsoul.

Bryson tiller

It hindered me from everything you know, my creative process, everything,” he said. “It made me stop believing in myself. I just wanted to start over,” Bryson said while adding that his depression had a negative effect on his latest album True To Self as well.

However, despite battling his own mindset, Bryson informed fans a few months ago that he was ready to get back to the spotlight and release a new album called Serenity, which he said is “full of summer vibes and songs that make me happy.”

It was implied at the time that the project would be dropping this Summer, but unfortunately that doesn’t look to the case anymore.

While we continue to wait for a release date, the Louisville crooner is about to hit us with some new original music this week in the meantime.

Bryson jumped on Twitter right after sharing his cover of Drake’s “Finesse” record Monday night to announce that new music is coming this week. However he didn’t say exactly when that’ll be or what “some” means, but we’ll find out soon.

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