Fighting Snakes Fall Through Woman’s Bedroom Ceiling In Australia

Two snakes were caught mid-combat falling through a ceiling into someone’s room – not the ideal situation when you’re settling down for bed.

The utterly strange scenario happened to unsuspecting residents in Brisbane, Australia, because where else?

Snake catcher Lana Field posted a live video on Sunday night showing the male coastal carpet pythons intertwined in a wrestling match, apparently over a female snake.

According to Field, they were fighting in the house’s air ducts when they fell through a ceiling vent.
In the video footage you can hear Field say: “This pair have been a bit naughty. Left a bit of a mess.”

To the untrained eye, snakes caught up in combat can often be mistaken for mating – as you can hear another voice suggesting in the footage, but Field wittily corrects them: “Well, they don’t need privacy. They’re fighting.”

She also added that the pythons probably wouldn’t attack her, since they were ‘just more interested in each other’ at that point in time.

Field calmly explained – as the snakes were writhing around, still fighting – pythons fight when they smell female snake pheromones around. And since they were fighting in the air ducts it gives way to the sneaky suspicion that the female in question is living nearby – in the walls, maybe, or the pipes, or the attic… who knows?

Australia must not be high on the list of ‘places to visit’ for those with a fear of the slithery serpents.
Footage emerged earlier this year showing a
python trying to scale the side of a house in Australia.

A three-metre-long snake slithered across Robbie Knill’s garden, before it casually
crossed the patio and began to bizarrely slither up the wall right above the door he had JUST walked out of.

Robbie said he was initially a bit creeped out by the situation, but now he knows the snake is chill.

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