Woman Left Tourists In Shock After Stepping Out Of A Public Toilet Completely Naked

A woman shocked tourists after she stepped out of a public toilet completely naked across a promenade in Barcelona, Spain.

Woman steps out of toilet

Stunned families watched her before she was forced back into the toilet by a shirtless man who stepped out of the same toilet after her.

The naked woman forcefully resisted as the man pushed her back in then locked the door before he stood guard outside to make sure she doesn’t emerge.

The footage was filmed in the Raval district which has apparently become notorious for anti-social behaviour.

There is speculation the woman may have been the victim of a sexual assault, though this has not been verified. One local is reported to have said the woman is well known in the area as having mental health problems.

“She is quite popular around here and this will not be the first time that she will be trying something stupid. We still wonder why she is still in the society and not a mental institution because it is obvious she is mentally deranged.”

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