Town Celebrates Christmas Early For Boy Who Has Just 2 Months To Live

Christmas has come early for one US
neighbourhood so a little boy who has just a month to live doesn’t miss out.


Two-year-old Brody Allen has ETMR tumours (embroynaltumour with multilayered rosettes), a rare form of cancer and was told he had just two months to live in August.

Little Brody was taken into hospital after suffering from dizzy spells and his family were given the devastating news that he had four
tumours on his brain and one on his spine. After spending 98 days in hospital Brody was
discharged, and his family warned that he had just two months to live.

The family, from Cincinnati, Ohio, has since decided to make sure every day is packed full of happy memories and fun for Brody – including celebrating Christmas early so he wouldn’t miss it.

Hearing about their plans, Brody’s neighbours rallied round and also put up their decorations early, with fairy lights, candy canes and huge Christmas figures. They also sent the little boy Christmas cards to help him make feel more festive.

Brody’s dad Todd said: “We do Christmas big. For us, it’s about family time and those memories and
traditions that you can’t ever get back.”

Todd, a truck driver, says he’s not worked since the diagnoses and has decided to spend all his time making sure his son is happy.

In a Facebook post, Todd wrote that Brody has ‘no idea how sick he is’ and that he little boy ‘doesn’t care’ as he would rather just ‘have fun and enjoy every minute’.

Speaking to WCPQ, he added: “He’s happy. He’s enjoying life. That’s how we’re going to spend our days. I work every day to make him happy.”

The family say despite the doctor’s prognosis, they really don’t know how long they have left with Brody, but whether it’s a week or months, they want to make sure he has the best, most loving life possible.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for treatment, which has raised $6,505 of a $15,000 target.

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