5 Dead As Gunmen Dressed Like Band Open Fire In A Plaza

At least five people have been killed after gunmen dressed as a mariachi band opened fire in a Mexico City plaza.


A foreign national is among eight others who were injured in the shooting which occurred in Plaza Garibaldi at around 10pm local time on Friday,
Five men dressed as mariachi musicians and reportedly armed with rifles and handguns opened fire on the plaza before escaping on motorcycles.

Investigators recovered 60 empty bullet casings at the scene, and the city prosecutor’s office has suggested the shooting was a targeted hit on an individual.

Debris around Plaza Garibaldi after the shooting
Two of the five people killed were women, and four of the victims were aged between 22 and 46 years old, according to officials.

One witness, who was at a restaurant with family and friends, said he quickly closed the curtains and barricaded the door with tables.

Eight others were injured in the shooting
Alongside his companions, Giovanni Emmanuel Uribe hid in the bathroom until they heard the police and ambulances arrive.

“We could hear more shots, and yells from people outside who were running in fear,” he said.
“I looked quickly at the crime scene and saw several bodies on the ground and I got out.”

Mexico City has a much lower murder rate than other violence-plagued regions in Mexico where drug cartels battle for control, but the number of murders has surged in the capital since 2014.

Officials in the Mexican capital have blamed the rise in crime on drug dealing and protection rackets, while the government claims that at least one of the city’s violent gangs is connected to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

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