(VIDEO) Okada Man’s Penis Disappears After Random Man Touches Him

An Okada man raised alarm in Omole, Lagos after a random man he met touched him and his manhood allegedly disappeared.

Penis Disappears

The Okada man said the man touched him at the Amala hotspot in Omole area of Lagos and he noticed that his manhood had disappeared.

The case of the Okada man would have been like that of the security guard whose manhood disappeared after it was alleged that a politician gave him money, thankfully the random man was apprehended by the Police who came to the scene.

An IG user who shared the video from the scene wrote:

“Be vigilant guys! It’s election period and a lot of bizarre things are happening. Just a few minutes ago, a bike man’s manhood disappeared after being touched by some random guy right in front of my office. Thank God for my intervention and that of those around. The culprit has been handed over to the police. Please spread the information to your loved ones. We are protected in Jesus name”

Watch the video below:

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