Daft Punk And The Weeknd Sued For Stealing Beat And Hook For “Stayboy”

Daft Punk and The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, are reportedly being sued by Somali-American poet Yasminah for ‘ripping off’ her song ‘Hooyo’.

Daft Punk

In the $5 million lawsuit, Yasminah accuses the French duo and Tesfaye of “stealing the beat” for their track, “Starboy”. She also accuses them of using the “same hook, same key and a similar tempo.”

The trio released ‘Starboy’ in 2016, while Yasminah released her song in 1999. She also claims Tesfaye only knows about her songs because of his East African background. You can listen to both tracks below.

According to TMZ, Yasminah has threatened Tesfaye with legal action before, claiming that two of her producers had previously reached a settlement.

Yasminah claims she “never got a cut” of that alleged settlement, which has caused her to sue Tesfaye and Daft Punk again.

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