Nigeria Ranks Second On The List Of Paternity Fraud In The World ~ Twitter User Claims

While a confirmed survey has not been known to have been carried out to prove this, a Twitter user, @Satletee has shared the story with statistics.

Partenity fraud

Just so you know, Paternity fraud, also known as misattributed paternity or paternal discrepancy, is when a man is incorrectly identified to be the biological father of a child. The underlying assumption of paternity fraud is that the mother deliberately misidentified the biological father.

According to the Twitter user, 50% of Nigeria first born belongs to other men and Nigeria is the second highest in the world’s list of paternity fraud.

She also advised that DNA test should be mandatory at birth, according to her, too many many fathers are not their child’s real dad, especially in Nigeria.

She wrote:

“DNA test should be mandatory at birth , too many of you lying about who the father is and messing up people life including the child, especially in Nigeria.

In a phone interview with Ventures Africa, Mr Ayodele Ayodeji of Paternity Test Nigeria said there is one case of paternity fraud out of every four paternity test conducted at the centre. “I will say one out of four paternity tests turn out negative,” he told me.

He also added, that people of the east – Ibos, south-south – Deltans, and south-east, patronise the centre than the people of western Nigeria – the Yorubas.

According to a forensic geneticist, Dr. Abiodun Salami, 30 per cent of fathers are unknowingly nurturing and investing in children who are not biologically theirs.

Salami, who is also the Chief Medical Director, DNA Centre, Lagos, revealed that 50 per cent of the all paternity tests carried out in his laboratory came out negative and mostly affected were first born children.

This false pretence is common among Nigerian women. Durex survey suggested that Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world and a DNA expert from Lagos University Teaching Hospital claimed that 30% of Nigerian men are not the biological father of all the children”

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