Ian Wright “Pleased” Gazidis Is Leaving Arsenal

Former Arsenal star, Ian Wright has said that he is happy that Ivan Gazidis was set to leave Arsenal as he is “not the kind of person’’ the club needs in charge.

Ian wright

Gazidis will leave the Emirates at the end of October 31 and will join Italian outfit, AC Milan as their new CEO.

The South African spearhead the appointment of Unai Emery as Arsene Wenger’s successor in the summer.

Gazidis had stated that leaving Arsenal was the “hardest decision of my life” but Wright has criticized the 54-year-old, insisting that his move “says everything you need to know about him”.

“I think that’s the make-up of the guy,” Wright told Sky Sports when asked why he believes Gazidis has chosen to leave.

“He feels this is the time to leave when really this is the time they needed a CEO to steer the ship.

“I am quite pleased he’s gone because it shows the person he is, that’s not the kind of person we need at Arsenal.

“We need someone to fight for the fans and someone who can get us back to where we want to be.”

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