Conor McGregor Signs 6-Fight Deal With UFC

Conor McGregor will be fighting in the UFC for a few more years, On Thursday, UFC President Dana White announced that Conor has signed a new 6-fight deal with the UFC ESPN reports.


Although the details on the deal are unknown right now, Dana did say the deal could make McGregor the most money in the sport, especially given his pay-per-view appeal.

“It’s not hard to do a deal with Conor McGregor because we know what he’s worth,” White told ESPN.

ESPN reports that the deal also includes McGregor’s new whiskey, Proper Whiskey, as a sponsor in every UFC event in which McGregor fights too.

“You bet your bollocks it is,” McGregor said, when asked if the whiskey logo of his product will have a presence in the Octagon. “On the canvas. On the canvas. Like [Nurmagomedov’s] blood will be on the canvas.”

The announcement comes just hours after Conor and Khabib engaged in an hour-long press conference, the first of three press conferences over the next few weeks.

In May, UFC agreed to a five-year deal that will bring their entire rights package to ESPN beginning in 2019. So Conor’s star-power should be dramatically increased starting next year once ESPN takes over.

We’ll keep you posted once details on Conor’s deal is revealed. Stay tuned for more shenanigans as we lead up to the big fight against Khabib on October 6th in Las Vegas. 

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