Kanye West Calls Out Nick Cannon And Drake Over Kim Kardashian Sex Rumours

Kanye West ‘s return to Instagram is nothing less than glorious.

The G.O.O.D Music mogul took a moment to air out his grievances, pointed at specific individuals, namely Nick Cannon , Drake and Tyson Beckford. All three men have one thing in common, they have spoken about the Kardashian-Jenner family in a disparaging way.

Kanye started his rant by suggesting that his spirit has been lifted “out of a sunken place” — that he was no longer susceptible to getting “trampled over.”

Nick Cannon recently came out the woodwork with his account of how he introduced Yeezy to
Kim Kardashian after he’d dated her for a brief period. Kanye was none too pleased to hear the Wild ‘N Out host bring up the ghosts from past relationships.

He waited for a train to pass before taking a dig at Drake, for disrespecting his wife. The general line of reasoning being: some allusions are better left unsaid, the inference of Keke among them. He also warned model Tyson Beckford not to speak on his wife, because “it don’t sit well with his spirit.”
Kanye West is no longer a sitting duck, the general assembly has been put on notice.


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