‘Kingsman 3’ Set For November 2019 Release

UK’s elite team of secret agents are returning in 2019 – Fox has officially announced a third Kingsman movie will be released.


Are we going to stand here all day, or are we going to fight the urge to run around screaming with excitement?

According to IGN, the date confirmed is 8 November 2019.

This will be the third film in the Kingman
franchise and as with the previous two it will be written and directed by Matthew Vaughn.

ComicBook.com revealed that after the success of last year’s sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the writing was on the wall for another instalment – though it remains to be seen just what it will entail.

Actors Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges spoke to ComicBook about potential sequels, with Bridges saying: “We’re working on it. Between interviews, we’re jamming on ideas. There’s no script but Matthew [Vaughn]’s been talking about it from the beginning!

He then addressed Firth, adding: “You said he’s always envisioned it as a trilogy.”

Firth confirmed: “I remember very early conversations with Matthew, he felt that three [movies] would be right for this. He hadn’t got them mapped out, I just think he could feel three.”

The film is set to begin filming in the UK in January which won’t give much time to meet the November deadline but we’ve got faith that it can be done.

Well, it’ll have to be, because I’m going to start queuing outside the cinema now and don’t want to deal with any delays.

No cast or plot details have been revealed but we have very high hopes given that the second film saw the likes of Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Julianne Moore.

According to IGN, early last year Vaughn was already confirming he was considering another sequel – he gives the people what they want.

He told the site: “Weirdly, Kingsman 2, when we were writing it, we were thinking about
Kingsman 3 as well, which was odd. Big idea for that. [ The Golden Circle ] is sort of the bridge – if we can pull this off and people go see it – to the other one.”

And fans of the films are a tad excited. One said: “Love this franchise and Matthew Vaughn’s action directing is fantastic.”
Another added: “Can’t wait! First two are some of my favourite films!”
And a third commented: “That’s what I call good news”.

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