How Ras Kimono’s Wife Died In Her Lagos Home

We reported yesterday the sad news of the death of the late veteran reggae musician Ras Kimono’s wife, Efemena Okedi.

Ras Kimono’s Wife

Efemena died in the early hours of Sunday at her home in Magodo, Lagos just after about three months her husband, Ras Kimono died.

A family member who spoke with LIBgave an insight as to how Efe died. According to the family member, she only complained of chest pain the previous day (Saturday) after she returned from an event. She slumped the following morning (Sunday) before she could be rushed to the hospital.

“Efe went for an event on Saturday September 22nd and returned home complaining of chest pain. The pain lingered till the next morning. She slumped and died in the house before she could be rushed to the hospital”, the family member disclosed.

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