Kanye West Announces Name Change

Kanye West has announced his intent to change his name to ..”YE.”


Naturally, we all know that YE is the nickname that we’ve long adopted for Mr. West since the beginning of time, but it appears the Yandhi rapper is set on dropping his official moniker altogether in place of his beloved alias.

This name change conveniently arrives just hours before he is set to appear as the musical guest on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, also coinciding with the scheduled release of his highly-anticipated Yandhi project.

Earlier in the day, KanyeYE also made headlines for his decision to help out upcoming rapper Nino Blu, who was out of a place to live, by inviting him to the studio, an act of kindness that is in harmony with his inner Yandhi.

If this is name change is going to hold true, more power to YE. It won’t require much effort to adjust as opposed to the ghosts of name changes’ past: Snoop Lion, LOVE, and Sex.

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