8-Year-Old Girl Fearlessly Fights Off Robbers As They Rob Her Parents

Here is an incredible moment an eight-year-old girl tackled gun-wielding robbers moments after they mugged her father and raided their family home in Philippines.

Fights Off Robbers

Brielle Minia Alba was playing on the driveway outside her home in Cavite, Philippines, when a group of four men walked up to the house, posing as DVD sellers.

The masked gang held Brielle’s family at gunpoint, but as they tried to flee the scene, the brave eight-year-old tackled one of them and attacked another as he was getting on his moped.

The incident took place just before 5pm local time in the General Trias City area of Cavite province, where Brielle’s family live on a compound with several other relatives.

While three of them point their weapons at the family, one runs into the house to sweep it of valuables.

As they ran back down the driveway, they encounter Brielle, wearing a pink dress and pigtails.

She bravely lunges at the same man who had been holding the silver semi-automatic handgun. She rips open his bag, spilling its content over the ground.

The stolen goods were spilled onto the floor as the little girl tried to pick up as many of the items as she could.

Then the robbers tried to get away by running back to their motorcycles and the youngster lunged at them a second time.

Brielle fearlessly hurled herself at the robbers and was then kicked to the ground.

She suffered cuts and bruises to her face and hands and has a suspected broken nose.

After spending two nights in hospital she returned home.

Brielle bravely vowed: “I’ll get them next time.”

She also said was “not afraid” of the “cowards” and said she would do it again.

The little girl added: “I’m so angry they stole my daddy’s money.

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