Father Faces Criminal Charges After 10-Month-Old Son Was Found Crawling In Middle Of A Busy Road

A New Jersey father is facing criminal charges after his 10-month-old son was found crawling across a busy road.


Evgeniy Dorman, 41, was charged with cruelty and neglect of a child, a fourth-degree crime, Lakewood police Sergeant Gregory Staffordsmith told the Asbury Park Press.

Dorman surrendered himself to police at 1.15 pm Friday, said Sergeant Staffordsmith.

A motorist spotted the child in the 40 miles-per-hour limit road in Lakewood on September 22, and came to his aid.

The motorist, 41-year-old Cory Cannon, told police that after spotting the child he initially thought it was a toy. He then saw the child move and got out of his car to stop traffic.

“I was riding in my work truck on my way to another job, saw something in the middle of the street, wasn’t exactly sure what it was,” he said, reported ABC 7.

“So I started to slow my truck down, so I could slow the traffic behind me, just in case it was something that could have done damage to the car, let alone it being a child. When I saw the child move, that’s when I moved in to block off traffic and get myself out of the middle of the street.”

“I don’t really consider myself a hero,” Cannon said. “I just feel like I did the right thing at the right time.”
Cannon was then approached by a resident, who took the child back to its home.

A photo Cannon snapped of the child in road and posted on Facebook went viral before Dorman’s arrest.

Police say that the baby’s older sibling probably left the front door of their home open, and the baby was able to crawl 140 feet into the middle of the road.

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