Lady Accuses Fashion Designer Of Giving Out Her Wedding Anniversary Dress To A Model

A lady has expressed her disappointment after her fashion designer allegedly gave out her wedding anniversary dress to a model to use for a photo shoot.

wedding anniversary dress

According to @queeniathetitttle, she described the dress she wanted for her wedding anniversary to the designer and that the dress never existed until she described it to the designer.

But the designer claimed they made two of the same dress.

The lady who doesn’t believe the designer, eventually requested for a refund and felt so used despite supporting the designer over the years.

She wrote:

“I’m a very private person & I never talk about my personal stuff at all. But this is just too much for me. So i shared my ideas with this fashion designer @rikaotobyme for a gown i wanted for my WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, Sent her screenshots of the designs i wanted & the type of material to use on my dress. Gave her a deposit, She then got the blue material i wanted, Showed it to me & I told her to go ahead & make the dress. Long story short, She sent me a video of the dress she had made for me & pictures on WhatsApp. .
Imagine the surprise, Checking her page only to see @zina_zokufa putting on my dress. Just couldn’t believe my eyes so i decided to call her. She didn’t pick up then i sent her messages on WhatsApp, She replied saying that ‘She made 2 similar dresses’ Smh! Just told her to refund my money & keep her dress. She hasn’t refunded my money yet. How much did she pay you to disappoint a customer that has supported you for over 4years? Imagine giving out my dress you well know was meant for my wedding anniversary. All this woman does is get money from people all in the name of making dresses for them & once the dresses are ready. She will just give them out to celebrities for photo shoots. Your just a fraud.”

See the screenshots below:

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