NYPD Arrests Cardi B For Criminal Charges Over Strip Club Fight

Cardi B has been arrested by the NYPD over strip club fight and charged with two misdemeanors, assault and reckless endangerment.

Cardi B Arrested

She was arrested on Monday Oct.1 after turning herself into New York police department. Her mugshot and fingerprint was also taken.

The American rapper is scheduled to be arraigned on October 29.

Joe Tacopina, the attorney for the alleged victims, tells TMZ, “She continues to threaten them and clearly thinks her celebrity status is going to get her out of this. But it doesn’t matter if her name is Cardi B or Carl B … if she commits violent assaults she will be brought to justice.”

Cardi B’s arrest is part of an investigation into an assault complaint that stemmed from an incident that occurred on August 29th at around 3 a.m.

According to police, the 25-year-old rapper got into a fight at Angels Gentlemen’s Club, and allegedly threw a chair at an unattended target.

A source close to Cardi tells TMZ the attack was “spontaneous” and was triggered after someone threw a drink. They say nothing was premeditated.

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  1. Caution with headlines people. She wasn’t arrested, she turned herself in. Difference. Let’s not misguide the public with fake news

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