Kanye West Wants To Set Up A Meeting Between Donald Trump And Colin Kaepernick

Kanye West is stirring up the media with his latest political statements while donning his “Make America Great Again” MAGA cap in mostly “liberal” environments.


Thanks to this era’s rising “cancel culture,” some of his following wondering if they should continue to Ye despite his controversial comments.

Yeezy offered some time to TMZ to address his current mindset amidst the backlash. He was eventually asked,
“Do you give up on someone growing when they are unrelenting at a point where you say ‘they are who they are’?”

The rapper seemed pleased about the question after holding a slightly oppositional demeanor. He responded with a smile.

“We never give up on anyone. We never give up on anyone.”
“Let me make this more positive. We move forward, we give love, we keep going. We keep having the conversation.”

He then continues by revealing his plans to bring this unity into the White House through a visit by Colin Kaepernick. The entertainer has been contacting the athlete attempting to set up a meeting for him and President Trump.

“I’ve been calling Colin this morning, reaching him so we could remove that ‘son’s of bitches’ statement and we can be on the same page.”

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