Kanye West Celebrates His Father Beating Cancer By Eating A Plate Of Bugs

Kanye West celebrated his father beating prostate cancer by eating a plate of bugs.

Plate of bugs
The rapper shared photo of his meal to Twitter, saying that the bug filled celebration was a part of both of them attempting to “overcome fear.”

“My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer,” he wrote. “No more fear.”

News that West’s father Ray West was diagnosed with the early stages of prostate cancer became known earlier this year. It might have been what put the idea of death on Kanye’s mind while he was working on his last album Ye.

That album was originally meant to be called Love Everyone and feature a picture of the plastic surgeon who performed surgery on Kanye’s mother Donda as the cover art.

Kanye has been exceptionally busy on social media since announcing that he was releasing an album called Yandhi.

While that album failed to appear on the day that Kanye said it would, he’s continued to post a mixture of snippets from his daily life and his opinions on a range of subject.

One recent post where he called to abolish the 13th Amendment caused a particularly strong backlash.

Actor Chris Evans and Lana Del Rey both took time to respond to West, decrying his support of Trump and his understanding of history.
“I won’t be beat into submission of having lack of information on camera,” he said. “I’m gonna go and build up the information.”

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