After The Release Of Adura: Book One, Awonda Comics Releases The Character Profiles

After the release of adura: book one, awonda comics releases the character profiles.

adura Awonda comics

Adura is an action packed paranormal series about 3 badass Aladura Warriors taking down evil spirits who want to cause chaos on earth. Adura features a spectacular line up of villains such as Madam Koikoi, Yoruba Demon and Karishika.

adura awonda comicsYou can call the Aladuras our very own defenders of the spiritual universe as they take the battles to the spiritual realm!

adura awonda comicsCheck out the recently released visual back-story in anticipation of the next edition of the widely popular Adura series.


Journals of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – Episode 1: First of all, INTRODUCTION.
Awonda Comics Presents ~ ADURA: Book One (A Nigerian Graphic Novel)

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