Is Immortality Here? Video Of Company Claiming To Have Achieved True Immortality With Its Clones Surfaces

A video of a company called Psychasec surfaced and has the world confused about how far science has gone and if immortality is truly here with their offering of 100% organic “human sleeves”.

immortalityThey claimed to have been able to achieve true immortality by storing human consciousness in a chip attached to the back of a client’s neck, which can be transferred into the sleeve of the client’s choosing in the event of his/her demise.

It was later revealed that this was a marketing stunt by Netflix to promote their TV series, Altered Carbon; which is based on the premise of immortality through the sleeves Psychasec displayed at Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

immortalityA similar concept was brought to life in Charlie Brooker’s “San Junipero” from the award winning anthology, Black Mirror. I for one believe these things are being worked on and it’s only a matter of time before it is functional outside the world of fiction.

What do you think about human immortality through technological advancement? Good Idea?


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