Drake Is Responsible For My Fame Not The Kardashians ~ Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna recently sat down with DailyMailTV to discuss her career, her relationships, and her aspirations.


The interview touched on a myriad of subjects giving fans and critics of blac alike an intimate glimpse into her life.

During the sit-down, she took a moment to clear up the misconception that the Kardashian clan are responsible for catapulting her to fame, and made it known that she was a celebrity long before the E! Entertainment cameras captured her infamously conflict-ridden relationship with Rob Kardashian.

Chyna told DailyMailTV’s Brandi Williams: “I was already famous before [being affiliated with the Kardashians].”

She referenced her time in DC and Miami as further cementing her celebrity status sharing, “I already was [a celebrity], even back in D.C., I took over that, went to Miami and I was a celebrity down there.

Came to LA, same thing. I kind of ran all three states and I’m actually kind of proud of that.” Chyna got her start as an exotic dancer after graduating high school in 2006.

Chyna’s dancing took her to Miami where she met Drake who she credits for springboarding her career.

“I actually had a booking and I think it was in Tennessee,” she said. “These guys introduced me to Drake, and Drake you know put me in a song and I started doing all the music videos and the magazines.”

The song that Chyna is referring to is Drake 2010 track “Miss Me” where he raps, “Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’ll be worth the flight / I be at my table stackin’ dollars till the perfect height.”

Read more of Chyna’s interview here.

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