#FreeBhadoosky: Nigerians Call For Release Of Influencer Hakeem Badmus After He Was Arrested For Speaking Against Ill Done By Secondary School In Ondo

The hashtag #FreeBhadoosky is currently No 1 on Twitter following the arrest of one of Nigeria’s finest Digital Media influencers Hakeem Bhadmus, better know as @Bhadoosky by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

Hakeem Bhadmus

According to a statement by the Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria(DMPN), Nigeria’s foremost Digital Media body, he was arrested in Ibadan where he resides this morning after men from the Ondo State Police Command detained his wife to lure him to the scene. The statement posted on their official handle @DMPNig reads:

Earlier this morning, news of the arrest of DMPN’s Vice Chairperson @Bhadoosky got to us. From our findings so far, his wife was used as a bait to lure him out of his Ibadan home & he was whisked away by the Police who refused to disclose any specific reason for his arrest.

He has since been transferred from Ibadan to Ondo State where the Police claim he “threatened someone”.

We find the fact that the Police cannot state the crime he is accused of very alarming, but even more, the draconian nature with which he was whisked away leaves more questions than answers.

DMPN hopes that the Police is not being used as a tool for intimidation and harassment of an innocent citizen.

We will love to make it clear that no form of intimidation, harassment or unlawful arrest of any of our members will be treated with levity. #FreeBhadoosky

#FreeBhadoosky: Nigerians Call For Release Of Influencer Hakeem Badmus After He Was Arrested For Speaking Against Ill Done By Secondary School In Ondo

The arrest which was allegedly ordered by Great Cornerstone College Ondo is as a result of a Twitter thread Bhadmus did on July 21, 2018. In the thread, he drew attention of the general public to an occurrence that had happened in the  school.

Bhadmus narrated with pictures how the school had printed names of students who refused to pay the sum of N5000 for purchase of a 32? television set for the school. The names of the Students were printed in their send forth magazine as debtors. See embedded tweets below( please read from bottom up):

As expected the school received a lot of backlash after Bhadmus’s tweets went viral. Instead of addressing the allegations and making public their side of the story, the school decided to bully Bhadmus and his friend who informed him of the situation in the first place. His friend was arrested some weeks ago, but Bhadmus was arrested today, and whisked out of his state of residence Ibadan. He was taken to the Anti-Kidnapping unit at the Governors office in Akure, Ondo state where the school is located. See some of Bhadmus’s tweets this morning on the matter:


Since his arrest, Nigerians and members of the Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria have taken to social media to demand his release, asking the Nigerian Police Force to do the right thing, and not side against a law abiding citizen operating within the ambits of the law to call out injustice.

Source: Mojisola Delano

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